Internationalization Forum will provide students the opportunity to influence Western's international strategic plan

On Monday, November 19, the University Students’ Council is pleased to present, “Internationalization at Western: What does it mean to you?” This interactive forum will seek to answer questions regarding Internationalization here at Western, while allowing students to gain a better understanding of the issue at hand. The USC has realized that Internationalization is a major priority for the University and as such, it is immensely important for students to have a voice in this strategy.

Western University, and specifically President Chakma, has stated that Internationalization is one of the major priorities of the university moving forward. This summer, Julie McMullin was hired as Vice Provost International, and has become dedicated to the process and strategy behind Internationalization. Now that this process is moving ahead rather rapidly, the USC is looking to involve students in the direction and particulars of this plan. This forum seeks to present students with information on the International Strategic Plan and place emphasis on the Q&A section where students can provide insight, concerns and comments on the direction.

Most Western students have heard the term ‘Internationalization’ at some point, and are aware of the fact that President Amit Chakma sees this as a priority for the University. As a result, Julie McMullin, Western’s Vice-Provost International will provide a brief overview of Western’s Internationalization plan and answer student questions during this open forum. All questions, concerns and ideas are welcome, since this is a chance for all students to voice their opinions regarding Internationalization here at Western.

This forum will seek to address the following questions: What does Internationalization mean? What does the strategic plan consist of? What international learning opportunities are being developed for all Western students? How is Western supporting its international students? What else Western is doing to enhance its global presence? In addition to answer these questions, this forum will provide the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the overall issue, while allowing all students to voice their own onions in the process.

“The International Strategic Plan marks a huge shift for the University, and it is imperative that students’ concerns and voices are included in this. For the Vice Provost International to present her ideas to students and hear feedback is huge progress and I hope we grasp this opportunity to provide our insight,” stated Myuri Komaragiri, Vice President of Campus Issues.

All students are encouraged to attend this forum, taking place in the Mustang Lounge from 5:30-7:30pm. Additionally, refreshments will be provided.


Watch the recording of the forum…

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