"Wonderful on Western" allows students to share what they love about life at Western

The University Students’ Council and the Health and Wellness Support Service are pleased to present “Wonderful on Western,” a project geared at recognizing the little everyday things that bring students joy at Western. The USC has decided to begin this initiative now in order to provide students the opportunity to de-stress by looking at the positive posts during exams, a particularly stressful time.

Some examples of what could be included it could be mentioning a stranger who helped you pick up something you dropped, rushing to grab a coffee before class and discovering no line at the Spoke, getting the last seat on the LTC, or successfully catching the Mustang Express home from Richmond Row on a Friday night. These moments will then be uploaded to the blog to highlight the little things that make Western wonderful.

Wonderful on Western is the first phase in a larger project entitled Purple Voices. The USC’s Health and Wellness Support Service created this project inspired by The Book of Awesome, written by Neil Pasricha. The hope with Purple Voices is that students will have a medium through which to share their experiences and stories easily. Currently, Purple Voices is focusing on the wonderful things about Western, but will round it out in the second term in order to showcase every side of student life. Ultimately, this initiative will help students get their story out there, will help the community understand one another, and in some cases, will help to eradicate stigma’s around certain topics.

“Every student walking on this campus has a unique story or experience to share. Whether that is good or bad, we want to hear these stories and create a safe space for that to happen,” stated Myuri Komaragiri, Vice President of Campus Issues.

All students are encouraged to share their Wonderful Western moments by tweeting them, with or without a twitpic with the hashtag #WOWestern or by submitting them on the blog: http://wonderfulonwestern.tumblr.com/.

Author: USC

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