USC comments on new Ontario post secondary tuition framework

Yesterday, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities released their plan to reduce the cap on annual tuition fee increases over the next four years as well as end deferral fees for students with financial assistance.

While this new framework does not go as far as students had hoped, the announcement today makes progress towards a more affordable framework than previously existed, and will slow cost increases for students compared to what they have experienced under the existing framework.

The previous framework allowed colleges and universities to increase tuition by an average of five per cent each year. Under the new framework, annual tuition fee increases will be capped at an average of three per cent, this is one percent above the average inflation rate in Ontario over the past 10 years.

Earlier this year, The USC worked with its provincial lobbying organization, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) to ask the government to freeze tuition for at least one year and increase per-student funding to universities at the rate of inflation to partially compensate. In the event tuition fees would increase in future years, students asked that they not increase above the rate of inflation, as measured by the Ontario Consumer Price Index.

“We understand that a 3% annual increase is better than a 5% increase but we are disappointed that the government did not chose to implement a freeze. A temporary freeze in tuition could have saved money for government and for students. The USC will continue to advocate for a more affordable post-secondary tuition framework,” stated USC President, Adam Fearnall.

For more information on Ontario’s new tuition framework refer to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and University’s official statement:

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