USC and FSU seek more engagement at London City Hall

Left, incoming FSU President, Adam Gourlay. Right, outgoing USC President, Adam Fearnall. Photo courtesy of Mark Spowart/For Metro

On Tuesday, the University Students’ Council and Fanshawe Student Union made a joint presentation to the London City Council Corporate Services Committee on post-secondary student engagement in municipal government.

The presentation included recommendations for enhanced student engagement in many citizen advisory committees as well as involving students in many other aspects of civic life.

The USC, FSU and Corporation of the City of London share similar mandates, powers of taxation, democratic legitimacy, and the need to work in partnership with other levels of government to meet the need of constituents.

Collectively, the USC and FSU represent the interests of over 42, 000 students and citizens in London. The USC and FSU are increasingly aware of the mutual benefits of more developed partnership between the city and students. The USC and FSU saw yesterday’s proposal as an opportunity to demonstrate leadership on the issue of student engagement by signaling to the city that students are ready to contribute in a meaningful way to the London community.

USC President, Adam Fearnall explained, “yesterday’s committee meeting demonstrates to students that the City is willing to take a serious look at what engagement means. The action plan proposed by the committee indicates that we are being listened to and that all partners are open to working together.”

FSU President, Adam Gourlay mentioned, “this is such a great opportunity for the post-secondary students across London. Seeing the immediate support from that committee for an initiative that began before my term was incredible and is clear proof that the City of London is ready for some serious student engagement.”

As a result of the presentation a motion was struck to direct staff to create a business plan to ‘operationalize’ the FSU/USC engagement strategy by September 1. This recommendation will go to City Council for final approval on June 11.

Please see the document for details pertaining to the presentation given to the Corporate Services Committee HERE.

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