Student Advocacy

First and foremost, the USC exists to represent students and advocate for students.

While the USC has the power to change things within our organization that affect our students, a lot of student-facing issues are out of our direct control and need to be addressed through advocacy initiatives.

We are committed to advocating on and off of our campus, and to all levels of government, on behalf of our ever­changing student body.

Students and student-elected representatives are the most suited individuals to speak on behalf of student needs. Therefore, we will strive to be actively involved in the decision-making process of any change that will affect students.

The USC will put an emphasis on improving the capacity for issue identification and research related to student concerns. This will allow us to become more effective and efficient in our long-term advocacy efforts.

We will continue to increase the capacity for students to be involved in every aspect of advocacy including but not limited to issue identification, research, influencing and maintaining relationships with decision makers.

We will increase our Council’s understanding of advocacy to ensure that are fulfilling their mandate to their students, and that they have the tools to properly represent them.

The USC will continue to ensure that advocacy remains a priority in every level of this organization by integrating an understanding of advocacy into all departments of the USC. We will increase staff support for advocacy so that it remains a priority for our student leaders and to the organization as a whole.

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