Mental Health Support

Student support is at the core of the betterment of the student experience. We cannot serve our mission to enhance the quality of life of students if we do not first ensure that all students feel welcomed, accepted, represented, and supported at this institution.

The mental wellbeing and health of our students is instrumental in ensuring that our students are having the best student experience at Western. The USC will work to ensure that we providing enough avenues where students can practice holistic wellbeing, and advocating to ensure that student wellbeing is a priority of university life.

Our students need to feel safe and protected on their campus, and incidents of sexual violence continues to threaten this. The USC will put more resources into combating sexual violence on our campus through training and education, as well as work to improve the way we support survivors.

The USC will ensure that all levels of diverse student needs are being met so that each student can access equal opportunities at Western. We are committed to diversity and inclusion that combats racism and other social barriers that limit our students.
Students understand student needs best. Based on this principle, we will continue to support peer mentoring programs that give students the opportunity to learn, grow, and heal with students that can best understand their situation.

We will work collaboratively with the University Administration to improve the structures in place that provide challenges to student success and well-being.

The USC should remain receptive to student feedback to inform and dictate how students are supported at this University.

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