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Students know how they like to be engaged with better than anyone. That is why putting students at the forefront of the visioning, creation, and strategy of all USC branding, public relations, and communication is essential to the success of the organization and the engagement of our student body.

Our students deserve to understand what the USC does on their behalf and the number of opportunities available to them. We will continue to refine and shift our communications portfolio to ensure that priority is given to making sure that the student body understands the USC.

We will prioritize student feedback and focus on data collection to ensure that our priorities and vision shifts with the students we are serving. Similarly, we will create a strategy outlining the most effective method of collecting relevant and consistent student feedback.

We will continue to strive to maximize engagement with an understanding that students are the experts when it comes to their interests and wants.

The USC will continue to strive for a collective vision and brand for all services, programming, and operations of the USC. In order to achieve this, there needs to be an emphasis on cross-department communication and information sharing.

The USC will continue to ensure that all forms of communication are relevant and shift with the changing student body and technology.

We will provide increased support for all communication, public relations, marketing, and branding efforts, to ensure that student engagement remains a priority.

Student feedback and data should be incorporated into the USC Executive Council transition training to ensure that all student leadership understands the needs of their constituents and the importance of continued data collection.

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