London Chinese Catholic Community (LCCC)


We are a Catholic community; we share our thoughts and practice our faith together in society. We support each other, and walk the faith journey together!


  Welcome to London Chinese Catholic Community!    Despite the name of our group, we actually welcome anyone who are interested in the Roman Catholic faith. It does not matter whether you are Chinese or not, as a matter of fact, you do not even have to be Catholic and we would still welcome you to our family!    We are a historical student group situated in the University of Western Ontario with over 30 years of history. LCCC was found by a group of Chinese students whose goal was to create a safe haven of sort that would allow Catholics and Non-Catholics to explore the Catholic faith and support one another.      As one of the officially recognized clubs by the University Student Association, LCCC follows the Catholic mission of evangelization and outreach to support the Chinese Catholics on campus.      Our group has weekly gatherings that celebrate our faith through discussions, sharings, prayers and singspiration. Moreover, we also have weekly social gatherings that provide our members with opportunties to get to know one another better, in turn strengthening our bonds as friends and family.

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Andrew Chau