Association of Role Players (WARP)


A gathering of enthusiasts of all manners of role-playing games for cultural benefit.


The Western Association of Role Players is a diverse and vibrant community of role-players, with a goal of ecouraging the involvement in and enjoyment of the tabletop role-playing and board gaming hobby. We seek to match Game Runners (known as Game Masters, or GMs) with players interested in their narratives. We like to share the adventures of each group with the club as a whole, through the weekly News at WARP Speed, although this is not always possible. We also organise and host monthly conventions directed towards those members with commitments too heavy to participate in weekly games, or that would like to try something new. These conventions are entirely free and open to members, and take place on the Saturday of the last week of each month. The conventions involve a single session of gaming, occasionally followed by the communal watching of a movie in keeping with the theme of the convention. We also host a major convention in January, known as StrDexCON (Pronounced Stength Dex Con), which supercedes the free monthly convention. StrDexCON is a three-day event, involving multiple gaming sessions and a random prize draw.

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