Liaise between the University Students’ Council (USC) and their respective member council. A councillor is responsible for understanding the needs of the students of their faculty or residence, and representing them to the USC. A USC Report is required at each member council meeting, in which a USC Councillor must present any relevant information from the previous USC meeting.


NOTE: Affiliate Presidents sit as voting members on the USC.

Brescia University College Students’ Council
President: Taryn Scripnick
Councillor: Mays Ibrahim

Huron University College Students’ Council
President: Moustafa Ezz
Councillor: Drew Sussman

Kings University College Students’ Council
President: David Castillo
Alex Sakellis
Braden Adsett
Harshika Malhotra
Jonathan Lesarge

Residence Councils

Alumni House
President: Corry Sutherland
Councillor: Stefan Kremic

Brescia Residence
President: Elyse Airth
Councillor: Sabrina Griffin

Delaware Residence
President: Hunter Corcoran
Councillor: Vacant

Elgin Hall Residence
President: Vacant
Councillor: Jonathan Green

Essex Hall Residence
President: Ben Tolman
Councillor: Matthew Rebus

Huron University College Resident Councillor
President: Vacant
Councillor: Nicholas Gil

King’s Residence Councillor
President: Alex Lulko
Councillor: Alyssa Giles

London Hall Residence
President: Melody Cheung
Councillor: Gurvir Kalsi

Medway-Sydenham Hall Residence
President: Erica Lem
Councillor: Crystal Karmen Mak

Off-Campus Residence Councillor
President: Vacant
Councillor: David Aideyan

Ontario Hall Residence
President: Bradley Metlin
Councillor: Diane Labuga

Perth Hall Residence
President: Bonnie Cheung
Councillor: Jack Whelan

Saugeen-Maitland Hall Residence
President: Fenton Jagdeo
Councillor: Courtney Hardy

Faculty Councils

NOTE: Faculty Council Presidents sit as voting members on the USC.

Arts and Humanities Students’ Council
President: Elizabeth Nash
Sabrina Yau
Kevin Jacobs

HBAA Council
President: Michelle Chen
Councillor: John Lee

Undergraduate Engineering Society
President: Jake Carman
Councillor: Tom Grainger

Health Sciences Council BHSc, Nursing, Kinesiology
President: Morgan Jennings
BHS – Megan Yang
BHS – Saleh Suleman
KIN – Sophia Ferguson
KIN – Michaela Khan
Nursing – Siobhan Brandreth

Law Council
President: Vacant
Councillor: Kaitlyn Armstrong

Information and Media Studies Council
President: Stephanie Schoenhoff
Councillor: Richard Sookraj

Music Council
President: Thomas Argent

Science Students’ Council
President: Sujen Saravanabavan
Daniel Onete
Eugene Leung
Viraj Bhatt
Jillian Macklin
Noor Shakfa
Johnny Zhang
Mathew Gene

Social Science Students’ Council
President: Jack Litchfield
Arjun Singh
Emma Germain
Ashley Buckle
Heather David
Arjun Singh
Rebecca Amoah
Samuel Ainsworth
Trevor Hunt
Alex Chen
Cortney Jenner
Nicholas Wolfe
Michelle Bonofiglio
Taylor Goodfield