Student Support

Student support is at the core of the betterment of the student experience. We cannot serve our mission to enhance the quality of life of students if we do not first ensure that all students feel welcomed, accepted, represented, and supported at this institution.

The University Students’ Council oversees a health insurance plan for all undergraduate students. A portion of your student fees contribute to this coverage, which is especially designed to meet student needs and supplement provincial health care coverage. This insurance is developed and delivered by the Campus Trust, and includes health, dental, and travel benefits.

Health Plan

It is the Peer Support Centre’s mission to provide non-professional support to students. By fostering a spirit of openness and understanding through peer-based support, the goal of the centre is to provide students with an accessible, welcoming, and accommodating service. The centre is a safe space in which students can express their feelings and access resources provided by the university, the city of London, and the USC.

Peer Support